Industrial RO


Reverse osmosis (RO) is one of the most economical methods of treating boiler feedwater, cooling tower makeup water and industrial process water. Reverse osmosis may also be used to produce demineralized water, negating the need to handle and dispose of hazardous chemicals.

Compared to traditional filtration technologies that rely on a screen or filter to remove particles, reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment is a pressure-driven separation process that employs a semipermeable membrane and the principles of crossflow filtration. It provides the finest level of filtration wherein the RO membrane acts as a barrier to all salts and inorganic molecules, as well as organic molecules with a molecular weight greater than approximately 100. Therefore, it is a highly effective process for removing contaminants such as Endotoxins/pyrogens, Insecticides/pesticides, Herbicides, Antibiotics, Nitrates, Sugars, Soluble salts, Metal ions. 


Allegiance provides the most widely used RO technology in the world — trusted by municipalities, industries, manufacturers and commercial markets. Our system is extremely reliable and cost-effective for any industrial area. Our industrial RO water purifier system is fully customized as well.


Advantages of Industrial RO Plant:


  • Easy to install and service
  • Fully automatic system
  • Safe drinking water
  • Remove active and inactive bacteria
  • VMS for ease of troubleshooting