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Allegiance Water Management - Rain water Harvesting

Allegiance  - The loyalty and commitment towards curbing the environmental threat gave birth to Allegiance Water Management in Gujarat back in 2012, when the water crisis in India was making headlines. The water calamity was rising at a rampant pace that needed an economic solution. A team of young enthusiasts joined hands, leaving the corporate world behind and started working rigorously towards building modern water management and water conservation solutions. Considering the water scarcity in various regions in India, what could be better than catching the natural yet free source of freshwater?

"Mission Rainwater Harvesting" has been the core mission of the company and since then we have successfully completed 500+ Projects in India. We are experts in providing Water Management & Water Conservation Solutions on turnkey basis, having specialization in Rainwater Harvesting Solutions. Furthermore, we also provide premium solutions for Rainwater Harvesting & Rainwater Harvesting Consultancy for Artificially Development of Ground Water and Rejuvenation of Aquifers, by recharging them via Recharge Well / Percolation Well / Injection Wells / Recharge Shafts / Recharge Ponds / Rainwater Ponds and Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting by collection and reuse solution of rainwater from rooftops for industries and complexes via our rooftop filters and self cleaning dual media filters. We marked our presence in the market by our best in class products and services for Telemetry & Non Telemetry Piezometer/ DWLR - digital water level recorder, Flowmeter, Digital water Flowmeter, Electromagnetic Digital water Flow Meter, Fire water Tank, Zink Aluminum Tank, Bolted Panel Tanks, Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Sewage Treatment Plant and other Environmental management services. 


Allegiance Water Management is committed towards environment conservation and sustainable development. It has become one of the prominent companies in the industry with an ideal business model and wide range of customizable solutions as per clients' needs. 

Empaneled with Geo-Hydrologists and water consultants, our team of industry experts thrive to create optimum solutions after evaluating the finest details as per the project requirement. Right from designing to installation, we offer an end-to-end solution that is customized as per the client’s needs. We provide durable products and solutions that are preferred due to their low maintenance and effortless working. We have successfully delivered 500+ Projects in India. 



Allegiance Enterprise strives to develop into a conglomerate and become India’s leading environmental solutions provider, hence contributing to making the planet a better place for all.


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