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Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting

Reduces Flooding and Erosion

Reduces Demand on Ground Water

Can Be Used for Non-drinking Purposes

Can Improve Plant Growth

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Allegiance Water Management - Rain water Harvesting

Allegiance  - The loyalty and commitment towards curbing the environmental threat gave birth to Allegiance Water Management in Gujarat back in 2012, when the water crisis in India was making headlines. The water calamity was rising at a rampant pace that needed an economic solution. A team of young enthusiasts joined hands, leaving the corporate world behind and started working rigorously towards building modern water management and water conservation solutions. Considering the water sca...

Rainwater Harvesting

What is RWH?

Rain water harvesting is collection and storage of rain water that runs off from roof tops, parks, roads, open grounds, etc.

Why do RWH?

Rain may soon be the only source of clean water. Rainwater harvesting systems use the principle of conserving rainwater.


Individual homes, Colonies, Apartments, Institutions, Schools/colleges/universities etc, Everywhere the potential for rainwater harvesting is huge.


Setting up a rainwater harvesting is not difficult but requires some sort of understanding of hydrology and architecture and as a result most people find it too complicated to do it themselves.

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