Other rooftop filters


While harvesting rainwater on rooftops or in percolation tanks, the stored water is generally not considered potable in its raw state. The water that is collected accompanies contaminants including algae, air pollution, bird excrement, leaves, sand, and dust, etc. Hence, the harvested water needs to undergo filtration & disinfection processes, if it is to be used for domestic purposes. Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Filters are a disruptive way of cleaning rain water harvested through rooftops. Rain water filters are replacement for traditional rainwater harvesting systems and tube well recharging. 

Allegiance is committed towards providing the best suitable filter for your Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting. The characteristic features of our RWH Filter is its capacity to take up the load up to 10 to 500 square meters of Roof area with variable intensity of rainfall of 5 to 75 mm/hour with a discharge capacity of 10 to 105 liters/minute. This filter can be conveniently used for Harvesting Rainwater for Individual households, Schools and Roof area of commercial Buildings & Industries. 

Our Rooftop Filters provides the following features:

  • No Power Supply Required
  • Easy to Install
  • No Maintenance
  • Self Cleaning
  • Auto Flush Out