Percolation Well / Pit


Percolation Well/ Pit is a shallow excavated trench filled with gravel or crushed stone that is designed to infiltrate stormwater through permeable soils into the underground aquifer. In simple terms, it is a hole dug into the ground that facilitates groundwater recharge through infiltration of surface runoff into the soil or rock. It is an effective method of restoring or recharging the groundwater table.


A Percolation tank is an artificially created surface water body, submerging in its reservoir a highly permeable land, so that surface runoff is made to percolate and recharge the water. It should be constructed preferably on second to third order streams, located on highly fractured and weathered rocks which have lateral continuity downstream. The recharged area downstream should have a sufficient number of wells and cultivable land to benefit from the augmented ground water. The size of the percolation tank should be governed by the percolation capacity of the strata in the tank bed. Normally percolation tanks are designed for storage capacity of 0.1 to 0.5 MCM. It is necessary to design the tank to provide a ponded water column generally between 3 & 4.5 m. Once the pit is dug, it is laid with RCC rings or concrete rings which give support and structural stability to the structure. Hence, construction of a concrete pit is eliminated, reducing the cost of the structure drastically. The RCC rings when placed one above the other can help in water seepage horizontally also through the gaps present between them.


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