Recharge Well/ Shaft


In arid and semi-arid areas, groundwater is the most important water resource. Recharge wells or Recharge Shafts are used to recharge water directly to unconfined aquifers. They are usually preferred in areas where the water table is deep below the land surface and impermeable strata exist at the surface level. Since the water is going directly to the aquifer, the recharge is faster. It can be done through dried tubewells as well.


These recharge structures are very useful for ponds where shallow clay layers impede the infiltration of water to the aquifer. It is observed that in some regions, tanks are fully filled up during the rainy season but water from these tanks does not percolate down due to siltation. Hence, tube wells and dug wells located nearby remain dried up. The water from tanks evaporates during summer season and is not available for use. By constructing recharge shafts in tanks, surplus water can be used to recharge aquifers directly during the rainy season.  At the bottom of the shaft a filter media is provided to avoid choking or recharge well.

Benefits of Recharge Well 

  • Direct & faster recharge of unconfined aquifers
  • Increases the water table
  • Improves the productivity of Aquifer
  • Works on gravity, hence no power supply needed
  • No maintenance required
  • Non clogging SS 304 filter media