Turbine Flowmeter


Turbine Flow Meters offer both standard stainless steel of grade SS304 and SS316.  Due to its wide working temperature and pressure range, it is capable of measuring various mediums and commissioning into extreme working conditions. The accuracy and fast response time enables us to integrate Liquid Turbine into the Industrial Internet of Things, together with valves and pumps to achieve smart process control, for example, solvents batching, blending, storage and off-loading systems. These are popular in the Oil & Gas industry, Chemical industry, and Water industry. 

When the fluid flows through the turbine meter, it strikes upon turbine blades that are free to rotate about an axis along the centerline of the turbine housing. The angular (rotational) velocity of the turbine rotor is directly proportional to the fluid velocity flowing through the turbine. The resulting output is taken by an electrical pickoff(s) mounted on the flow meter body.

Key Features:

  • Erode-resistant
  • Quick Response with High Accuracy
  • Can be used in measuring bi-direction flow
  • Ideal for low-viscosity liquids such as water, gasoline, and diesel
  • Extreme temperature and pressure resistance


Technical Parameters

Accuracy Class±0.5% or ±0.2%
Instrument materialSS304 or SS316
Medium TemperatureMedium:-20~120℃
Signal Output4-20mA or pulse output
Supply PowerAC220V, DC12-24V or Lithium cell Battery
Signal Line InterfaceInternal thread M20×1.5
Protection ClassIP65