Zincalume Steel Tanks


Zincalume Water Storage Tanks, or simply galvalume tanks are highly demanded for rainwater, firewater, de-mineralized (DM Water), raw water, drinking water and waste water storage purposes due to their excellent durability and zero maintenance features. These are highly customizable, easy to install, lightweight and versatile. 

These are perfect for storing rainwater as huge capacities of water can be stored easily ranging from 5,000 liters upto 40,00,000 liters. The water is maneuvered through the terrace gutters into the tank where it can be stored in excellent condition all year round. The unique advantage that makes these tanks a smart choice is the bolted panel structure, i.e. the panels are bolted on site and the tank is made ready to use right after installation. Also, these tanks can be unbolted and reinstalled whenever required, hence providing great flexibility. 

We only use the premium grade of Steel, which is coated with 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc & 1.5% Silicon, to fabricate our tanks. In order to extend the high performance, a liner is installed inside the tank to ensure that the tank wall does not come in contact with water.