Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment – EIA is the process of analyzing, evaluating and forecasting the influencing factors to the project environment, socio-economic development planning, production and business enterprise/facility, the constructions of economic, scientific-technical, medical, cultural, social, security and national defense and other constructions, proposing appropriate solutions to environmental protection. It is necessary to study the impacts of any industrial, commercial or infrastructural project on socio-economic & physical characteristics of the environment. The impacts may be positive or negative. Furthermore, the impacts may be direct or indirect. If the impacts on the environment are positive, sustainable solutions are offered, however if  the impacts are negative, efforts are made to nullify the negative impacts by taking appropriate corrective measures. 


We provide environmental impact assessment to the industrial and infrastructural projects before, during or after completion, under the supervision of our qualified and experienced Consultants for obtaining clearance from regulatory authorities. In accordance with the specifications provided, the offered assessments can be customized. 



  • Optimal Environmental Protection Solutions
  • Streamline all legal procedures
  • Saving time & money with the most reasonable budget
  • Supporting businesses when the inspection team checks down


The EIA report is highly structured and provides detailed project descriptions such as location, engineering design etc. It contains existing data about the environment in the project area and its vicinity, environmental impact evaluation of the project, mitigation measures of the project which may be additional activities to prevent or minimal environmental damage cost of the project. In other words, this assessment forecasts the environmental impacts and prescribes measures for preventing and mitigating environmental impacts for projects or activities. Hence it is a crucial tool in decision-making for the project.