Industrial Rainwater Harvesting Consultancy

Rainwater Harvesting Feasibility is the study of analysis of rainfall and rainwater runoff generation and identifying the perfect solution for conservation and optimum usage of water based on analytical studies. The preliminary survey is conducted to collect the rainfall data and the available rooftop area in order to calculate the runoff coefficient. Since industries have large roof areas available, it is an economically as well as environmentally sensible decision to consult a professional for the feasibility of Rainwater Harvesting in their premises. After calculating the monthly and cumulative rainwater harvesting capabilities of a given industry, the estimated storage capacity is determined.


Allegiance Water Management has become one of the well-known water management companies with a robust team of expert professionals who are capable of understanding the financial aspects and prepare a master plan that offers an optimum viable solution for Rainwater Harvesting. The Feasibility Study prepared by our team includes rainfall data, recharging capacity, the possible yield of water, different possible schemes, master plan, conceptual drawings, and an approximate cost of implementation. The flexibility of the system offers the possibility of implementation in phases.