RWH Maintenance Service

Rainwater harvesting systems have various filtration points which naturally build up with sediment over time. The more this sediment builds up on the filters, the less the water can pass through, making the system less efficient. The pumps for the rainwater system can also become damaged if sediment build up gets too high as it will start to pass through the pumps and can cause them to eventually burn out. There are also mechanical elements which make up a rainwater harvesting system which are susceptible to limescale build-up from mains water (in hard water areas this is worse) which over time can make them seize up and fail, ultimately affecting the operation of the system. Therefore, we recommend that all rainwater harvesting systems should be serviced every year and all components should be inspected by a responsible party twice per year. A comprehensive inspection by a qualified third party inspector should occur every third year.


Allegiance does undertake an Yearly Maintenance Contract wherein our engineer cleans all the system filters, tests the operation & service the pumps, strips and cleans all mechanical elements, calibrates and checks the operation of the control panel and ensures the system is in fine working order.  The cleaning of the System is done twice a year, i.e. Pre & post monsoon. The tank cleaning team physically enters the rainwater storage tanks using confined space equipment to fully clean the tanks, ensuring no sediment left inside. We also provide a full report for each visit with pictures and recommendations, on client’s requirements.