Water Audit

Water Audit is a systematic process of objectively calculating water balance, water use and identifying ways for saving water. It involves preliminary water survey and detailed water audit. Preliminary water survey is conducted to collect background information regarding plant activities, water consumption and water discharge pattern and water billing, rates and water cess. After the analysis of the secondary data collected from the industry, a detailed water audit is conducted. 

Our team of experienced professionals produces a comprehensive water audit report which helps in developing Recycle & Reuse opportunities. It contains the following:

  • Water consumption & wastewater generation pattern
  • Specific water use and conservation
  • Complete water balance of the facility
  • Water conservation opportunities
  • Methods of implementing the proposals
  • Full description and figures
  • Investment required



The cost of water is deceptively low. In reality, facilities pay for water twice by paying for water supplied and wastewater discharged. So paying for lost or wasted water adds up fast. Our team can help you in: Setting up of norms for water budgeting, Ozonation cooling water approach which can result in five fold reduction in blow down when compared to traditional chemical treatment, Proper processing of effluents adhered to the disposal norms, etc.

Water Audit is a best management practice for water conservation to prevent water loss due to leaks, reduce water use and improve water efficiency across a facility. Allegiance helps you with modernization of industrial processes to reduce water consumption and recycling water with a recirculating cooling system. Other advantages of our assessments include providing a road map for implementing a water conservation program, potential reduction in energy costs and inclusion as an integral strategy in a larger sustainability program.