Rooftop Rain water Harvesting



Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting Filters

'Rainy' Dual Intensity filters work at high efficiency regardless of the intensity of rainfall and have self-cleaning abilities. At nominal prices, our filters are market leaders in Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting.



Completely Indigenous and Patented Technology for Dual Intensity Rainwater Harvesting Filters called 'Rainy'. For groundwater recharging, our innovation uses an injection well equipped with "V-Wire Screens" that enables replenishment of groundwater source.


  • drop Indirectly reduces power consumed in pumping and checks overexploitation of groundwater by establishing water neutrality.
  • dropA team of professionals with over 20+ years of hands on experience in the RWH industry enabling cutting edge innovation of RWH solutions
  • dropA state of the art R&D facility for continuous innovation and ongoing training of our qualified staff
  • dropLive Demonstration vehicles on RWH are deployed all over the country to spread awareness and show a glimpse of the varied benefits that RWH has in water conservation