At Allegiance, our approach to delivering our design and development is always logic-based, project-specific, and tailored to our clients’ particular requirements, whether it is effluent treatment plant, water treatment plant, or sewage treatment plant. Our professional team has an in-depth understanding of the standards, codes, design-processes, national and local policies, project constraints, and financial issues specific to each of our clients and their respective industries and sectors. We use a wide range of the latest technical software for water and environmental modeling with highly-skilled and experienced staff.


An important obstacle in attaining environmental goals in many projects has been the failure to adequately address few associated financial issues like the costs of achieving environmental as well as company goals; how those costs could be minimized; and the challenge of matching costs with available resources. In order to tackle such financial issues, our team not only focuses on the design and engineering aspects of the project but also integrates the key financial constraints and availability with the overall project execution process. We have a competent infrastructure for designing, engineering, manufacturing, erection, and commissioning a wide range of water treatment plants and systems to meet a variety of needs.

Why choose Allegiance?

  • High-quality design, engineering & project management
  • Easy to Install and Simple to Operate solution
  • Customized as per project types
  • Reliable and economical solution
  • In compliance with the design codes and national standards