Designing Observation well

As per the Central Ground Water Authority guidelines dated 07.09.2020, the Industries that withdraw groundwater more than 10 m3 per day, are required to construct purpose-built observation wells or piezowells and install Digital Water Level Recorder with Telemetry for continuous monitoring of groundwater levels. The server has to be maintained by the Supplier of the instrument and access will be provided to CGWA. Depth and zone tapped of the piezometer should be commensurate with that of pumping well/ wells. Records of ground water levels and water quality has to be submitted to the concerned Regional Office of CGWB on an annual basis.


Allegiance Water Management offers designing of Observation Wells in compliance with CGWA guidelines. Piezometers need to be located in such a way that it covers the zone of the aquifer and the pumping well together. Generally, iInstalling piezometers at a minimum of 50 meters from the abstraction point works. We also cater to projects for Groundwater abstraction on turnkey basis right from getting NOC till the delivery of the entire system in compliance with CGWA guidelines. Our in-house team of expert designers excel in designing the civil structures including observation wells, injection wells, percolation pits, etc. 


Our expertise in this segment and more than ten years of industrial experience has made Allegiance a preferable brand in Western India. With the support and trust of our valuable clients, we are proud to have completed more than 500 projects in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Maharashtra, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.