Injection well


Injection well technology is the most effective in capturing surface run-off both from plain open loose areas or from storm lines. Injection well with V-wire technology  is an artificial method to recharge groundwater. 

Rainwater is filtered in four stages. The silt trap takes care of most impurities in the first stage itself, as it has 40 mm gravels, 10 mm pebbles, charcoal, activated carbon and coarse sand. The second stage of filtration is a horizontally fixed V-wire non-clogging SS screen of 500 mm length and 150 mm dia. Then, the rainwater flows through the main Injection well where it flows by gravity through another stage of filtration containing 40 mm gravels, 10 mm pebbles, charcoal, activated carbon and coarse sand and then the last stage of another vertically placed V-wire non clogging SS screen. Air vent of the borewell and main well is kept at center. The main well is designed to do maintenance whenever required. Generally, the filtration media only needs cleaning once a year. 


Being in the industry since 2012, we acknowledge the challenges regarding space, time and cost. Hence, we offer the best suitable and economical solution after understanding the project requirement completely. 

Allegiance Water Management has established its name in the industry as India’s most ethical and responsible environment company, committed to deliver the best!


Benefits of Injection Well 

  • Completely Modular & Ready-to-use system
  • Improves groundwater quality and increases the productivity of Aquifer
  • Works on gravity, hence no power supply needed
  • Fits in less space and no maintenance required
  • Non clogging SS 304 filter
  • Can be installed on roadside, back yards
  • Can be integrated with storm channels, garden, loose soil
  • Silt trap and Main unit with four stages of filtration
  • Prevents impurities up to 500 Micron
  • User friendly and easy to maintain online system