Recharge Well - Rainwater Harvesting System

Recharging of groundwater takes place by the rainwater and water present in the water source like river and ponds. The water tends to seep through the soil and fill the empty spaces and cracks below the ground. That's how groundwater gets recharged.

Groundwater recharge is defined in a general sense as the volume or process of downward flow of water reaching the water table, forming an addition to the groundwater reservoir.

Recharge or injection wells are subsurface groundwater recharge techniques used to directly discharge water into deep water-bearing zones. Recharge wells can be cased with the material covering the aquifer. If this material is unconsolidated, a screen can be placed in the well in the zone of injection

Artificial groundwater recharge technology

  • Flooding/ Water spreading.
  • Basins or percolation tanks.
  • Stream augmentation.
  • Ditch and furrow system.
  • Over irrigation.   


Allegiance Water Management